Sea Concept Yachts and all the team is proud to be present an article into the industry of yachting, from Superyachtdigest.
Contact us via email at or by phone to +33 6 78 60 63 32 to learn more about our innovative concept super yacht designs!. With our DS1 100m, 60m Explore, and confidential new concept project of 110m will come..., see you during the MYS 2016, or by appointment in our office in Monaco.
Our Designer oceangoing explorer layout, the 60metre is the latest project unveiled. The yacht boasts timeless, modern design with powerful, yet elegant lines and combines all amenities of a luxury yacht with the requirements needed for expedition yachts and extended self-sufficient operations in remote areas, while reducing their ecological impact by as much as possible. At the aft, the yacht shows vast relaxation areas with spa pool. The stern can be converted into a beach club for various sport and recreational activities. At the bow, the high foredeck typical of large expedition yachts is also aesthetically pleasing.
The nearvertical shape of the bow is to benefit from a longer water line as well as of a considerably enlarged living area. Sea Concept Yachts now announce a new concept for a 60mt Explorer and an confidential project 110mt. Amazing collaboration with DMS Antiroll and Marquip wet Exaust system. 
Delivery 28 Months,  for our 60m Explore, price on request
For all information regarding our OceaX - 60m Motor Yacht Explore please contact us.