The new Sea Concept Yachts 60M is what we call a dream come true, with a length of 60 meters / 197 feet.

The ocean going Explorer layout combines the amenities of a luxury yacht with the requirements of worldwide journeys and extended self-sufficient operations in remote sea areas, with maximally reduced ecological footprint. “Infinite possibilities for world-wide journeys”

Designed by Edwin Vandermark, her timeless, modern design with powerful but elegant lines will be an eye catching performer on the open sea as well as moored in a bay or harbour. We are closely and exclusively with the company “Sea Concept Yachts”.

Tender & Toys: the spacious Tender garage accommodates Tenders, a Minisubmarine and Toys like Jet ski’s and sailing dingies.

Sunbathing: the afterdeck furthermore accommodates spacious relaxation areas including a Spa Pool.

Beach Club: while the stern is safe and closed offshore, it may be converted into a large, open area that offers various sport and recreation opportunities when required.

Bow: the high foredeck typical for an Explorer Yacht protects against rough seas
and at the same time has an impressive look. The almost vertical shape of the bow is to the benefit of a longer water line as well as of a considerably enlarged living area and it is one of the most striking layout attributes of the design.

Safety: “Form follows function to work under extreme conditions”. We look forward to meeting industry professionals wishing to learn more about our exclusive concept designs.


– bilge water separator
– rubbish separator, compactor and grinder
– rainwater collecting system
– environmentally compatible anti-fouling coatings
– thermo-lacquer to support better air conditioning
– optional: solar panels, wind generators

Special features and options:

– High technologic engines, Rolls-Royce Azipods system, and dynamic position
– Wet Exaust System by Marquip
– Antiroll Stabilizers from DMS
– Hullvane
– Sundeck/flybridge on top deck
– Jacuzzi on Owners deck
– Retrackable balkony(s) on Owners deck

Please feel free to contact Pierre JAMET to set up a meeting via phone at +33 678 60 63 32, or via email at