Yoga Yacht 2018 - NYC

We had the chance to undergo such an experience, during this year's edition of the Poros Charter Yacht Show. during the yacht show inspiring sessions were offered twice a day, morning and early in the evening. This was truly a perfect way to either start the day in utter relaxation, well balanced and perfectly able to take on a new day, or let go of the stress of a day past. In any case, Chrysikakis is able to let his clients undergo a journey into ones inner self, making contact with one's body through a variety of different excersises and breathing techniques. Fluidly, he takes you on a voyage where you find a sense of calm, where the surrounding world is both omnipresent and miles away. The result: harmony and new energy, resulting in a fitting and appropriate symbiosis with all good things that the world of yachting has to offer, adding that little something extra.